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#FollowingTheGong is a podcast for current and prospective Schreyer Scholars as well as recent alumni and prospective Scholars. Join us each week, wherever you are engaging with this content, as Scholar Alumni share their journeys and advice to help you make the most of your experience as a Schreyer Scholar and prepare for the next step on your own journey. 

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This show is hosted, produced, and edited by Sean Goheen ‘11 Lib (Schreyer). 

The sound effect is “Chinese Gong,” accessed via SoundBible used under Creative Commons License. 

When Schreyer Scholars complete their honors thesis, they ring a ceremonial gone to mark the occasion of achieving the final milestone before earning an undergraduate degree with honors at Penn State. Welcome to Following the Gong, a podcast of the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State. This podcast is for current Schreyer Scholars and scholar Alumni Looking for Mentorship, coaching and guidance from Scholar alumni across disciplines and industries in on demand, setting. Prospective Scholars and their families may also find it helpful as they make college application and admissions decisions. join us as we bring Scholar alumni to the table to share first hand their journeys and advice to help you make the most of your experience as a Schreyer Scholar and prepare you for the next step on your own journey scholar. Alumni from across Penn State' s, colleges and campuses will share practical tips. You can use now like how to interact with faculty, seek mentors and internships, locate College resources, build...

...your network and write resumes. They' ll share knowledge for tomorrow with insight to both career paths and a day in the life of a spectrum of professions, including careers in business, and entrepreneurship, law, medicine, the Arts, Engineering, Journalism and multimedia, non- profits, education, or the limitless other career paths Schreyer Scholars go on to it excel in while living out the college' s mission and vision. This podcast is proudly brought to you by the Scholar alumni society, supporting Scholars and Scholar Alumni in their career development by building and leveraging a community of Scholars and mentors across generations, Experiences, and geography. be sure to hit the relevant like, follow, or subscribe button and turn on your notifications to catch The latest conversation on F T G, on which ever platform you are engaging with this content and we' ll catch you on the next episode.

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